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Bottiglia e bicchieri di champagne


We sail in style.

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Yachts have always been an icon of luxury and the yachting industry is a niche with the power to drive change and push boundaries.

The future of yacht crews could be shaped by several factors influencing the scenario, from the push towards sustainable operations to technological advances. From guest requirements to yacht operations and crew training, technology will continue to disrupt and develop every part of the industry.


In addition, the world's wealthiest are becoming younger, more adventurous and, above all, more environmentally conscious. With more and more millennials becoming millionaires, different markets will emerge in the yachting industry that will demand different services than the current profiles of boat owners. These younger owners will start demanding more experience, adventure and freedom.

In this new and constant state of change, there is an increasing need for leisure management specialists and an innovative management programme.

Yacht managers are the secret to turning yachts into a highly profitable asset.

They maintain close relationships with shipyards, yacht designers, yacht architects, suppliers and know how to efficiently manage the yacht in terms of technical, administrative and regulatory standards.

Yacht managers play a management role on behalf of the owner and are always in contact with international HNWIs and UHNWIs.


Unlike most jobs in the yachting industry, yacht managers work all year round and become charter managers during the summer. They manage luxury charter bookings, take care of client check-in and check-out, and maintain relations with concierges and accommodations.

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Building meaningful and authentic relationships between management, team and owner is the starting point for creating excellence in high-end yachting service. 


That is why every first phase of our training starts with observation and evaluation of the 'climate': you cannot grow if you do not know first. 


The second phase involves the construction of a comprehensive academic plan, defined with industry professionals for continuous and complete training to support their professional development.


Our paths are circular: we believe in lifelong education, for constant and continuous learning, which can accompany Talents throughout their professional life.


The Beautiful never ends.

The contents

Our content encourages creativity and passion. 


Luxury and yacht management

luxury culture
luxury branding and positioning
Event and partnership management
Luxury hospitality
luxury yacht concierge service
The yachting guest experience


Operations and security

operations strategy in a global environment
project management
supply chain management
resource planning
yachting supply chain
routine and extraordinary yacht maintenance
establishing and managing relationships with shipyards and suppliers
mooring and anchorage management
Financial and legal advice

the role of the yacht CFO
budgeting and accounting
bunkering management and legal aspects
flag registration and legal aspects
yacht leasing, yacht administration and insurance
Human resources and crew management 

HRM and achieving organisational effectiveness
the link between corporate strategy and HR
theoretical perspectives of strategic human resources management
recruitment and e-recruitment methods
human resource management on board and ashore
fleet management
crew management
yacht chartering and brokerage

The trainers

They are our flagships. Passionate, prepared, visionaries, innovators, revolutionaries, lovers of Beauty. Our trainers are the first to believe in the strength of a training project that speaks of uniqueness and extraordinaryness. They are university professors, consultants and professionals in the sector, with consolidated experience in various departments and skills in the humanities, linguistics, technical-scientific fields and specializations in marketing, management and finance. Luxury lovers.

Our academic trainers are experts in providing a solid theoretical foundation in the field of Yacht Management. Each trainer has an impeccable academic background, with bachelor's and master's degrees in disciplines such as marine engineering, maritime management, and nautical science. This solid academic training provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the theories and practices necessary to excel in the yacht industry.

Our trainers are not just individual experts, but are part of a global network of professionals in the sector. This network allows course participants to connect with the best in the world of yachting, opening doors to job opportunities and international collaborations.

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