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We build innovation.

In the dynamic real estate landscape, the demand for highly qualified professionals is a growing necessity.


Market prospects are rapidly evolving, creating fertile ground for those who are able to anticipate trends and adopt advanced strategies.


Our Advanced Course in Real Estate was created precisely to respond to this need, offering a unique opportunity to develop skills that go beyond the traditional approach, starting from technical concepts, arriving at the efficient management of investments.

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The Phases

Strategic Innovation:

In-depth analysis of the latest market prospects, with a focus on emerging technologies and the economic dynamics that guide investment decisions.

Excellence in Luxury Customer Management:

An exclusive approach to luxury customer management, which transforms expectations into unique experiences, creating lasting relationships.

Acquisitions Driven by Market Knowledge:

In-depth analysis of acquisition opportunities supported by strategies based on market research and understanding customer needs.

Smart Reservations and Rental Management:

Advanced techniques to maximize booking revenue, with a focus on efficient and profitable rental management.

Successful Real Estate Investments:

In-depth analysis of best practices in managing real estate investments, to optimize portfolio performance and mitigate risks.

Art of Negotiation and Selling:

Mastery in negotiation and advanced sales techniques, to close deals that satisfy both buyers and sellers.

The trainers

They are our flagships. Passionate, knowledgeable, visionaries, innovators, revolutionaries. Our trainers are the first to believe in the strength of a training project that speaks of uniqueness and extraordinariness.


They are university lecturers, consultants and industry professionals, with consolidated experience in various departments and expertise in the humanities, languages, technical and scientific fields and specialisations in marketing, management and finance. 


Each lecturer is chosen for his or her ability to convey not only theory, but also lessons learnt in the field, thus enriching the training course.

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