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We cultivate Talent.

We are looking for creative thinkers.

Owners and managers of luxury hotels interested in standing out for the pursuit of excellence in every aspect.

A visionary management, which intends to train young hospitality talents who know how to respond with preparation and care to the new luxury hotel consumer.

These will be the resources of tomorrow: talented people, who feel free to express their uniqueness with discretion, because they know they are making an important contribution to the company culture thanks to an alignment of values, their sense of belonging and participation.

This is how inspired and attentive leadership, which always places people at the centre, can create meaningful and authentic relationships, at the service of the purest hospitality.

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Receiving is an art that expresses culture and belonging.

Building meaningful and authentic relationships between management and teams and between various resources is the starting point for creating excellence in high-end service. 

For this reason, every first phase of our training path starts from the observation and evaluation of the "climate": we cannot grow if we do not first know it. 

The second phase involves the construction of a personalized academic plan, which takes inspiration from the main contents proposed. Together we define the structure, modules, intensity and duration of the journey.

We then move on to delivery, to then monitor the results obtained through observation and re-evaluation and continue the construction of new training projects.

Because our paths are circular: we believe in lifelong education, for constant and continuous learning, which can accompany Talents throughout their professional lives.


Beauty never ends.

The contents

Our content encourages creativity and passion. 

A perfect blend of technicality and transversal skills that aims to develop the idea of "Regenerative Luxury" at the basis of our service philosophy. 

Respect, care, discretion: regenerating means learning to move carefully in one's own space and that of others, maintaining awareness of one's uniqueness, while respecting others. No approval, no standard that guides, no protocol that limits: we educate to be extraordinary to promote a positive culture that "smacks of beauty"... and makes you smile.

The program follows a modular path. An initial introductory module on the Culture of Luxury is followed by a series of training projects dedicated to the development of specific skills, all customizable.

The trainers

They are our flagships.


Passionate, prepared, visionaries, innovators, revolutionaries, lovers of Beauty.


Our trainers are the first to believe in the strength of a training project that speaks of uniqueness and extraordinaryness.


They are university professors, consultants and professionals in the sector, with consolidated experience in various departments and skills in the humanities, linguistics, technical-scientific fields and specializations in marketing, management and finance.


Luxury lovers

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